CBSE Physics paper 2019 analysis by Students

CBSE Physics paper 2019 analysis by Students

CBSE Physics paper 2019 ; CBSE 12 students who appeared in Physics examination from Lucknow were of the view that paper was lengthy and the difficulty level was average.

A student of GD Goenka Public School in Lucknow, Kanishk Gandhi said, “After appearing in the JEE Entrance exam in January itself I found this paper lengthy though the level of the questions was average in terms of difficulty.”

Tushar said, “Derivations questions were less in number as compared to last year’s paper. Our teachers had made us practice them intensively.”

“Questions from the chapter-Dual Nature were complicated and thus took much time in solving. Rest of the questions were moderately difficult. The pattern was similar to the sample papers,” said Avinash.

Another student Suhani Agrawal felt that the paper was average in terms of difficulty though many students found a few questions tricky.

“My preparation and practice was enough for today’s exam. I am sure I’ll score great marks” said Ayush, a student of GD Goenka Public School Lucknow.

Students of Lucknow Public School, South City, rushing out of the examination hall with tensed and perplexed look gave mixed reaction as Nancy Batra puts it “Paper was hard to solve it required a lots of understanding and deep knowledge about each topic.”

Kamal Singh of LPS also felt that the paper was a bit tough. On the other hand, Ashish Kumar said, “Difficulty level of paper was moderate; questions were asked from within the syllabus though not straight forward.”

Gyanendra Bajpai, PGT (Physics) one of their teacher observed that “Physics paper contained all sort of questions ranging from very straight forward one in Section-C to tricky numerical which required thorough analysis.” He further said that overall the paper was designed in such a manner that every aspirant can get passing marks.

Amit Srivastava, another teacher said, “Students will be benefitted by ample choices given in the paper; long questions of Section-D were relatively easy to score well.” He added that overall the paper was well balanced one.


Campion school class 12 student Bakhtavar Hussain said, “The paper was lengthy and moderately tough. I didn’t get time to think about any answer before writing.”

Another student Sivendra Singh said, “Unlike last year, the paper was not at all straight. There were a lot of questions related to calculations.”

A class 12 student of Sagar Public School, Avneet Singh said, “There was a change in the pattern. Till last year, Electromagnetic induction (EMI) was not so important chapter but this year 5 marks question was asked from EMI. Section D was totally a surprise for us.”

Another student of the same school Kanishka Dubey said, “Some questions were very tricky and consumed a lot of time. Physics is one of the scoring paper but this year, it was so long to solve in the designated time.” 2019

According to the experts, the paper was overall moderate in difficulty level. Those who covered the NCERT textbook thoroughly found the paper to be fine. There were many numerical questions this time, though they were not tricky. The semiconductor questions were comparatively difficult. The theorems asked were less as compared to last year papers. Though some easy questions were too present like – Explain how galvanometer can be converted into ammeter. Also, the graph questions were in abundance as compared to direct theory questions.

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